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    Above The Fire

    A Novel

    Available December 5 from Blackstone Publishing

    “ABOVE THE FIRE is a powerful story of parenthood and grief,
    nature and civilization, and the raw essentials of life.”
    -A.D. Miller, Booker Prize-shortlisted author of SNOWDROPS

    Above the Fire crystallizes the relationship between a father and son as they survive a winter of isolation. Perfect for fans of The Dog Stars by Peter Heller and The Road by Cormac McCarthy.

    Laboring under a shared loss, Doug and his young son, Tim, set out on a late season backpacking trip through the White Mountains of New Hampshire. They find beauty and solidarity in the outdoors, making friends along the trail, and falling into the rhythms of an expedition. But when reports of warfare and social collapse reach the ranger station, Doug – seeking to protect the only family he has left – withdraws even further into the backcountry.

    The alpine winter presents its own dangers, as father and son must endure the elements, the solitude, and the ever-present threat of outsiders. As their isolation intensifies, and the nature of the country’s disorder becomes more unsettling, their bond with each other grows more fierce. But as spring approaches, they must decide whether – and how – to confront the perils of a changed world.

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