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    Above the Fire

    Available in Paperback September 3

    Winner of the AudioFile Earphones Award, Above the Fire follows a father and son into the crucible of the mountains. Laboring under a shared loss, Doug and Tim set out on a backpacking trip in New Hampshire. When reports of war and social collapse reach the trail, parent and child withdraw into the backcountry, where they endure an alpine winter, solitude, and the fear of outsiders. As their isolation intensifies, their bond grows only more fierce–until the day they must decide whether to confront a changed world. 

    “A tenderly wrought father-son novel…a solid read for anyone who appreciates the stark beauty of New England.” The Boston Globe

    “A captivating exploration of who we become when the world goes dark… Spellbinding.” Washington Independent Review of Books

    “An utterly gripping debut novel.” Booklist (starred review)

    A bleak yet beautiful portrait of a world in crisis…poetic and crisp.” Apple Books

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